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Become an Instant Hit with Levitt : hitRECord | Joseph Gordon Levitt

Become an Instant Hit with Levitt : hitRECord


Photo Credits to hitRECord.org

Aside from starring in some of your favorite movies like Inception, Looper and most especially 500 Days of Summer, Joseph Gordon Levitt, unlike what most people know, is actually in directing and production.


Joseph Gordon Levitt owns a production company known as hitRECord which is based in the United States. We have proven much of Levitt’s talent in acting. Now, we could be definitely be amazed with his skills in music, video, photography and even literary productions. This just goes to show that Joseph Gordon Levitt is more than just your typical eye candy. He is a multi-talented individual and is definitely a child of the arts.

Levitt offers a collaborative working production through hitRECord which he founded with Dan Gordon-Levitt. hitRECord has been very successful in working with different talented artists and individuals from different parts of the world. Through such connections, Levitt’s company has been effectively producing some of the most interesting and creative short films, clips, write ups, videos and even literary materials and graphics.

If you wanna work with Joseph Gordon Levitt and explore his world of art, you should definitely check out hitRECord for yourself and become an instant hit with Levitt.

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